Your Sexy Summer Bucket List

Your Sexy Summer Bucket List

As temperatures rise, turn up the heat with your partner. Check these off your to-do list for your steamiest summer yet.

1. Take a bath together

Relaxation is one of the most important steps to spicing up your love or sex life. The remedy: a blissful bath, solo or with a partner. HighOnLove Sensual Bath Oil is a great addition here – it smells like lavender and honey so it’s great for stress relief, and it leaves your skin super soft. 

Set the vibe with some music like the playlists you created earlier. Lastly, light some candles and undress your partner. You can share a soak, dissolve the drama of everyday life, and focus on each other. 


2. Go on a road trip

Busy routines leave little opportunity for spontaneity, so it can be both exciting and liberating to spend time with your partner without an agenda or a to-do list. Carve out an entire weekend, fill up your gas tank and hit the road (the caveat: only minimal planning allowed). You can pick a destination to stay overnight, but everything else – from lunch at a roadside diner to hooking up during a scenic hike – should be an impromptu adventure. 

For gorgeous, glowing skin in those summer shorts, don’t forget to pack HighOnLove Dry Body Spray. It also doubles as a sexy summer fragrance.


3. Try skinny dipping

It’s common knowledge: Swimming naked just hits different, and the feeling of your lover’s body against yours with nothing but cool water in between you is so hot. Find a vacation rental with a private pool, or even a secluded lake (just make sure there’s no risk of kids in floaties hopping into the water after you). A night swim is your best bet for privacy and sexy moments under the stars. 


4. Play games

No, not the toxic kind. Introduce play into the bedroom for some intimate exploration. Pro tip: There’s no need to take it too seriously. You might even laugh at yourselves, which is totally fine (and even encouraged). Lightening the mood when it comes to sex is great for opening up and creating a line of communication where you and your partner can tell each other what turns you on and feels the best.

“Try a word play game with HighOnLove’s Dark Chocolate Body Paint – it’s the most delicious chocolate paint and it comes with a nice little paint brush. Try to guess what your partner is drawing on your body and vice versa.” All you need is a blindfold! @GigiEngle


5. Make time for self-love

Even if you’re coupled up, carving out time to make yourself feel good is the perfect way to spark your libido and amp up your desire. It’s a great time to treat yourself to the cult fave HighOnLove Stimulating Sensual Oil, which boosts blood flow and increases natural lubrication for the sweetest sensations.

“Explore and become an expert on your body. In a world where we’re all obsessed with our bodies, we need to focus more on loving ourselves just the way they are. The more acceptance you garner for your body, the more you are able to please yourself and allow a partner to as well. Explore with new toys, new oils, new positions.” @CoquetteWonkette


6. Introduce a toy 

Make a date at your local adult boutique and have your partner help you pick a new toy (or a few) that you’ll use together. You might feel awkward at first if you’re not used to toys or haven’t ever used one with a partner, but try to get over the taboo and talk openly about what kind of stimulation gives you the most pleasure.

You can also shop from the privacy of home, if that’s your thing (bonus: you’ll be free to take your clothes off if all that toy talk turns you on). Did you know that HighOnLove offers exclusive CalExotics gift sets with premium silicone toys? The Objects of DesireObjects of Pleasure and Objects of Luxury sets each include a full-size HighOnLove pleasure-enhancing product and a gorgeous, USB-rechargeable toy that you’ll love using alone or with a lover.


7. Hit up an amusement park 

The adrenaline rush from a wild roller coaster is a sure-fire way to inject some excitement into what could otherwise be a run-of-the-mill date (and it’s common knowledge that the heart-pumping thrills can be a huge turn-on). Loosen up and laugh at each other in the bumper cars, see who can win a prize from the carnival stalls, share a funnel cake, and make out as you wait in line for your turn at the popular rides. Don’t forget to snap a few selfies or take a trip to the photo booth. 


8. Get (and give) a massage

Schedule a spa day with a luxurious couples’ massage for you and your lover (bonus points if you incorporate HighOnLove’s skin-nourishing, heavenly-scented Sensual Massage Oil). After your massage, leave time for a blissful afternoon nap, passionate sex, or whatever feels right.

If you dare, you can even explore wax play. Sensually dripping melted wax onto your partner’s skin during foreplay, massage, and sex will take your lovemaking to new heights. Try engaging in some wax play with a body-safe candle like the Sensual Massage Candle (just be sure to blow out the flame before you drip). The blend of hemp seed oil, coconut oil, and the delicate rose aroma combined with your lover’s touch will be irresistibly good.


9. Plan a picnic

Plan a sunset meal somewhere romantic. Pick a menu featuring foods and beverages that boost your libido, like champagne, oysters, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Dining on aphrodisiacs under the stars can set the stage for the ultimate afterparty. Plus, there’s evidence that just being outside in the summer can make you feel frisky: The additional vitamin D (no pun intended) and sunlight has been shown to boost sexually stimulating hormones in both men and women.


10. Role play on your next date

Dress up to the nines and meet at a dimly-lit, trendy restaurant. The game-changer: You’ll act like you’re meeting there in a different context – either on a first date, as part of an illicit affair, or even a covert secret mission (hey, whatever turns you on). Amp up this option by booking a hotel room somewhere nearby for a sexy staycation that lets you continue your act in between those crisp hotel sheets. Toss the HighOnLove Minis Pleasure Collection into your handbag for this rendez-vous: The set includes a slim but powerful bullet vibrator and four HighOnLove favourites, including the plumping and tingle-inducing Lip Gloss for Couples (perfect for irresistible, date-ready lips – plus, it tingles wherever you decide to kiss).