Intimacy anxiety

Intimacy Anxiety: How to Relax and Enjoy Pleasure

It’s one thing to have anxiety in your everyday life, but another thing to experience anxiety between the sheets. It ruins your mood, kills the vibe, and makes you even more anxious to try again! Depending on the severity, intimacy anxiety can decrease the pleasure you feel during sex or even deter you from engaging altogether. Luckily, we happen to know a thing or two about overcoming sexual anxiety by increasing pleasure and learning how to relax in the moment. Here are a few of our best tips to enjoy sexual pleasure and create a stress-free zone in the bedroom!

Get Real With Yourself 

Before anything else, it’s time to get real about your anxiety. What’s causing you to feel tense before sex? Is it something in your control or your partner’s? In an age where we’re all secretly seeking perfection, anxiety about sex has become much more common than we all tend to think. In other words, it’s pretty normal to feel this way! We recommend doing some soul searching to really hone in on the reason(s) why you’re feeling anxious about intimacy. Getting real with yourself is the first step to anything, and when it comes to sex, it’s pretty tough to enjoy without complete transparency.

Talk It Out

Like we said, be transparent with yourself, but also with your partner. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to avoid those awkward moments during sex is to be open and honest with your partner beforehand. Let them know you’re feeling anxious about intimacy and work together as a team! 

However, if you’re getting intimate with someone new, that alone could be the very reason you’re experiencing sex anxiety. In that case, consider slowing things down. It can be tempting to jump into bed right away, but the reality is that sex is generally much more enjoyable when both parties are comfortable with each other. Before sealing the deal, you could experience intimacy in a few other ways that happen to be just as pleasurable, but with a lot less pressure. 

If you ask us, nothing beats sex anxiety like a sensual massage. Release the tension in your body, get closer to your partner, and relax each other before going any further. For the best massage of your life, set the scene. Try our Sensual Massage Candle – the delicate rose scent alone will help relax you and make you more comfortable in intimate situations. Once the wax melts, blow it out and use the luscious hemp seeds massage oil to pamper each other.

Increase Your Pleasure

We’ve all had moments where sex didn’t feel as pleasurable as expected. It might have just been the wrong partner and a lack of passion, but nerves could also be the culprit of decreased pleasure! Try bringing a few intimacy products into the bedroom to elevate the experience for both of you. 

For unforgettable orgasms, the Stimulating O Gel will become your best friend! Within a few seconds after applying the gel, you should feel the warmth of the product and a slight tingling sensation in your most intimate areas. Sometimes, we could all use a little help reaching the climax, which is why we all need the O Gel on deck just in case. Use it when you’re on your own or with a partner. Whichever you prefer, we guarantee that it’ll help you overcome the last of your intimacy anxiety and help you find enjoyment in some of the most pleasurable moments.