5 Sexpert Tips for Better Orgasms

5 Sexpert Tips for Better Orgasms

By Kit Richardson

June is the month of growth, so take the time this month to reconnect with your body, find new ways of stimulation, and indulge in your personal pleasure growth. These past few months, for most of us, have been riddled with stress and ambiguity of the future directly impacting how we experience pleasure. Thankfully, masturbation can aid in alleviating some of that stress. Here are some tips for better and stronger orgasms – I like to label them D-A-R-E.  

Don’t Overthink

When we place all our focus on orgasming, chances are we aren’t going to experience pleasure to its fullest potential and won’t get the orgasm we deserve. When it comes to pleasure, our goal shouldn’t be the orgasm itself but the experience. Be mindful of your breathing and your body’s responses – this will likely increase pleasure and lead to a more enjoyable orgasm. Reject the goal of the orgasm and simply focus on your body. Pleasure and sex are meant to be fun and exhilarating. Obsessing over reaching the Big Oh can cause stress and diminish the experience. My favorite tip? Add a blindfold to play time. When we take away one of our senses, all the other’s become heightened and more in-tune with what is happening leaving us open and vulnerable, in a good way, to pleasure and sensation.  

Add a Pleasure Product

Adding pleasure products, such as those found on Lelo, into your sex life can be fun and useful for obtaining mind-blowing orgasms. Sex toys provide new and exciting sensations to play time for yourself and partner. Adding a pleasure product has many benefits including creating new sensations for the body to experience as well as taking the pressure off of you to obtain an orgasm because the toy is there to help which aids in reducing stress. Toys are designed to get you off, so let them please you. When we rely on just our hands and fingers we tend to become accustomed to that sensation, so adding in something new can stimulate and invigorate you in ways that you haven’t experienced before thus creating an even stronger orgasm. High on Love’s Object of Desire set is a go-to when considering adding a product to your routine.  Not only does it come with a crystal adorned rechargeable massager with 7 functions and 5 speeds, but also with their ever so popular Stimulating Sensual Oil that encourages blood flow to your most intimate areas. Use these together for the ultimate orgasm.  


Relaxation is key to better orgasms! Orgasms are about release, surrendering yourself to pleasure. Before you get it on, submerge yourself into a hot bubble bath or indulge in a sensual massage. These techniques will allow you to be more connected with your body and prepare it to experience greater pleasure and greater orgasms.  Whether coupled up or solo, the new High on Love Sensual Massage Candle is ideal for creating that relaxing atmosphere that will allow you to get more in touch with your body and orgasm.  Made from a combination of hemp seeds and coconut oil, this soy-based massage candle once lit fills the room and your senses with the scent of seductive rose, and when poured and massaged into the skin creates a luxurious, sexy, and relaxing experience.  And for all those lucky enough to have a bath, High on Love’s Sensual Bath Oil is ideal for your watery abyss. While releasing a calming scent of lavender and honey, the bath oil relaxes your body and mind, preparing you perfectly for sexy time (which could totally happen in the bath!).


Take this time to explore and learn your body. What turns you on, what areas respond more to touch, what patterns  stimulate you, what gives you most pleasure. Setting aside time to explore and become an expert on your body allows you to take agency over your orgasms while learning to love and appreciate yourself. In a world where we have become obsessed with post-quarantine bodies and Adele’s latest transformation, we need to focus more on loving ourselves just the way they are. The more love and acceptance you garner for your body, the more you are able to please yourself and allow a partner to as well. I often say the only time I look into a lover’s eyes is when I masturbate in the mirror- watch yourself, look at your body, touch your body, explore it. Explore with new toys, new oils, new positions. With self-love and exploration comes stronger orgasms.  


Don’t overthink. Add a pleasure product. Relax. and Explore. Dare to orgasm, and better than you ever have!